Been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. We have been busy with family vacations and enjoying summer. I just got backed yesterday from taking my grandkids to the beach we had a good time. Came home early for my MIL who has been in the hospital with Covid she took a turn for the worst yesterday. With a heavy heart today she past away late last night, we had plans together when she got better. Just shows you that tomorrow isn’t promised to us love while you can. The thing that bothers me the most is that she died alone in hospital room because we weren’t allowed to be with her. I hate the thought of that!

Last week Southern girl’s did get back together to fill the hog feeders and had yet another adventure. Nicole lost track of where we came in from got turned around because the swamp all looks the same and got us lost, then got the 4 wheeler stuck in mud on a stream bed. You should have seen her, luckily I wasn’t on it at the time or it would have been worst. I will include some pictures of that below. We had to call in reinforcements so we called Wayne our club president and Steve the game warden! If it wasn’t for them no telling how long the 4 wheeler would have had to stay in the mud. We were tired, dirty, full of mud, hot, and thirsty by the time we got out of there. Fun times all around!!

It’s been a while

It’s been a while since I wrote I just wanted to apologize real quick things have been really busy. My son came into town for a visit with his new baby, I will post pictures later when I have more time. I have been doing finals all week also and working. I am having a procedure done on Thursday, so yesterday I had to go have that awful covid test done and let me tell you that was no fun at all. I do not recommend it unless it is necessary. So when I have time to sit down and spend so time with y’all I will, I hope everyone is having a great week and night.

Louisiana Trip

Story time, in March 2019 we had the opportunity to take a trip to Pierre Part, Louisiana. We were so excited about that trip, it was a girl’s trip. Two ladies ended up backing out so Nicole invited another friend to go, Sheila. So Nicole loaded the boat up and we all meet at the hunting club that evening. We got up early the next morning and headed out to Louisiana, we had this cute little house on Lake Verret we rented. When I say on the lake it was on the lake, the waves rocked us to sleep at night.

We had a great time fishing, eating, and got to meet Troy Landry from Swamp People, that just made our whole trip. He couldn’t believe that we come all the way from Alabama for a fishing trip and we brought our own boat too. He informed us that it was gator mating season so be listening and watching for them. We tried to get Sheila to go out fishing with us because we just hated to leave her at the house alone. But she isn’t much of a fishing person and she did what she enjoyed-resting.

We would give anything to go back soon, we love the swamp area it is just so beautiful. The cypress trees in the water, there isn’t any words to describe it. We got to see a gator for the first time in the wild while fishing, he let us get about 6-7 feet from him before he jumped off the log back into the water.

Filling the Feeders

Yesterday was a long and tiring day! We went out to fill the feeders for the hogs, we have 5 feeders and 22 bags of 50lb corn. How do we get it to them we carry each bag into the woods to where are spots are. Yes it is hard work especially for 2 women to do it on our own. But we enjoy hunting and we do what has to be done to hunt the hogs, because the property is being over run with them. We also Don’t want them to run all the deer off for deer season either. It is not for the faint of heart to put all that effort into something that you enjoy doing. Some members of the club want to know where we hunt, we work hard for our spot and are not just going to hand them out. If they want to get in on the action they need to put the work into it also. Take the time go out scout where you want to hunt and fix it up, clear trees and brush away, bring in your feeder, put a tree stand up, and then carry your bags of corn in and fill the feeders. We fill the feeders around 5-6 times a summer and that is Alabama summers.

It’s not that we don’t want them to kill hogs we just don’t want to share our hard work and let them hunt our spots. We work in the cold, the rain, the flood waters up to our knees in the cold, we battle the snakes that come across our path no one else does that for us. Below you will find some pictures of us working on filling the feeders.

Hog Heaven

Well my peeps, yesterday ended my 12 hour shifts for the week. After work I headed down to the hunting club. We have to get the feeders refilled with corn for the hogs! It was after 6 when I got here and Nicole was not too far behind, we decided to go out hog hunting for a while. I got up in my stand not long had couple raccoons come out eating the corn. Nicole had text me saying all her corn was gone so she set the timer to go off again hoping more hogs would come in. I guess I was in my stand about 30 mins when I heard her shoot. She got a sow told me to stay in my stand, so we stayed out longer. Well, about an hour and half to two hours later I heard her shoot again. I was thinking dang two in one night. I texted her asking if she was going to shoot them all in one night lol. Which is impossible because there are so many of them and they multiply like crazy. In the end she killed two sows and that means we had two hogs to clean and cut up. We finished up around 12:30am after cleaning up showering it was 2 before getting into bed. I came back to my camper and crashed, it felt so good to lay down after being up since 4:30 and working all day. I am going to attempt to add some pictures for y’all to enjoy!

May 24th

Well today I was looking forward to taking my sister out fishing with Nicole and I. Unfortunately my sister backed out of going to stay home with her son who is not feeling all that great. I am sad I was looking forward to spending some time with her.

I gave Nicole to choice to stay home or go fishing, since she had been fishing the last couple of days with her parents. She said let’s go! So I’m am getting ready to head to her house and I do believe her daughter is going to go with us now. So check back later to see what kind of adventures we find today.

I have a few stories I want to tell y’all when I get the time to just sit down and write. Until next time my peeps, stay healthy!

Friday’s Adventures

Today was a good day, me and my honey are going through all our stuff because we are going to be moving sometime this year. This evening we decided to grab some dinner and have a picnic at Smith Lake Dam and do a little fishing. Well, God had other plans for us because after we were there about 30 mins or so it starts raining just a little at first. Then the clouds rolled in and started thundering and lightening and raining harder. Now I love to fish anytime but I had to draw the line and head back to the car. We both had water dripping off of us good thing I have leather seats in my car! Below are some pictures from our short adventure today.

More about me

I first got started hunting and fishing when I was married to my first husband, we had 4 kids together so it was more of a challenge with them then it was enjoying it. Back then I really wasn’t that involved in hunting as much as fishing, I always had at least 2 or more kids with me so I never really seen much at all. We divorced in 2005 that is another long story for another day if anyone is interested. I went years without fishing or hunting after that never knew how to really go about doing it correctly on my own. In 2011 I started working in the Operating Room after a couple years, Nicole invited me down to take a youth out hunting for the youth hunt. I went down that morning we went out hog hunting back when both of us were inexperienced. We sat on the ground and she told me if a hog came out and charged us to start shooting. LOL I did not know what I was in for, well we didn’t see anything that morning so we did some scouting around the area. Later that early afternoon I took one of the girls in the community out hunting she talked my ears off I knew we weren’t going to see much, but it was the experience that mattered. Nicole and I worked in the same room together every Tuesday, she would talk about hunting hogs and I always loved listening to her stories. About 4 years ago I went down and hog hunted with her I had to borrow a gun because I had nothing that had to do with hunting. I was so excited about going and fell in love with being in the woods, it is so peaceful out there listening to the sounds of nature. I talk to the Lord a lot while sitting out there, thank him for the beauty of nature and the friendship I have with Nicole. He knew I needed someone like her to be my friend. Almost 3 years ago I finally broke down and bought my own gun and some camo clothes. The first time I took my gun out hunting I shot my first hog, I was so excited and shaking I had never killed anything before. Did I get hooked? Oh yes! I went maybe about once a month for a couple years or whenever Nicole invited me down to the hunting club. More to come later stay tuned.

Hope’s About Me

Hi everyone I am Hope, thank you for stopping by. A little bit about me I work full time as a Surgical Technologist. I have three grown kids that have moved on and have lives of their own. I have 9 grand children, 7 girls and 2 boys. Most don’t live close to me and I miss them dearly. I have a wonderful boyfriend we have been together for 7 years now and he supports all my hobbies. I am currently going to school full time working towards my nursing degree. Along with fishing and hunting I enjoy reading and traveling, and open to suggestions on new places to hunt and fish.