Been a while

It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. We have been busy with family vacations and enjoying summer. I just got backed yesterday from taking my grandkids to the beach we had a good time. Came home early for my MIL who has been in the hospital with Covid she took a turn for the worst yesterday. With a heavy heart today she past away late last night, we had plans together when she got better. Just shows you that tomorrow isn’t promised to us love while you can. The thing that bothers me the most is that she died alone in hospital room because we weren’t allowed to be with her. I hate the thought of that!

Last week Southern girl’s did get back together to fill the hog feeders and had yet another adventure. Nicole lost track of where we came in from got turned around because the swamp all looks the same and got us lost, then got the 4 wheeler stuck in mud on a stream bed. You should have seen her, luckily I wasn’t on it at the time or it would have been worst. I will include some pictures of that below. We had to call in reinforcements so we called Wayne our club president and Steve the game warden! If it wasn’t for them no telling how long the 4 wheeler would have had to stay in the mud. We were tired, dirty, full of mud, hot, and thirsty by the time we got out of there. Fun times all around!!

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