Louisiana Trip

Story time, in March 2019 we had the opportunity to take a trip to Pierre Part, Louisiana. We were so excited about that trip, it was a girl’s trip. Two ladies ended up backing out so Nicole invited another friend to go, Sheila. So Nicole loaded the boat up and we all meet at the hunting club that evening. We got up early the next morning and headed out to Louisiana, we had this cute little house on Lake Verret we rented. When I say on the lake it was on the lake, the waves rocked us to sleep at night.

We had a great time fishing, eating, and got to meet Troy Landry from Swamp People, that just made our whole trip. He couldn’t believe that we come all the way from Alabama for a fishing trip and we brought our own boat too. He informed us that it was gator mating season so be listening and watching for them. We tried to get Sheila to go out fishing with us because we just hated to leave her at the house alone. But she isn’t much of a fishing person and she did what she enjoyed-resting.

We would give anything to go back soon, we love the swamp area it is just so beautiful. The cypress trees in the water, there isn’t any words to describe it. We got to see a gator for the first time in the wild while fishing, he let us get about 6-7 feet from him before he jumped off the log back into the water.

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