Filling the Feeders

Yesterday was a long and tiring day! We went out to fill the feeders for the hogs, we have 5 feeders and 22 bags of 50lb corn. How do we get it to them we carry each bag into the woods to where are spots are. Yes it is hard work especially for 2 women to do it on our own. But we enjoy hunting and we do what has to be done to hunt the hogs, because the property is being over run with them. We also Don’t want them to run all the deer off for deer season either. It is not for the faint of heart to put all that effort into something that you enjoy doing. Some members of the club want to know where we hunt, we work hard for our spot and are not just going to hand them out. If they want to get in on the action they need to put the work into it also. Take the time go out scout where you want to hunt and fix it up, clear trees and brush away, bring in your feeder, put a tree stand up, and then carry your bags of corn in and fill the feeders. We fill the feeders around 5-6 times a summer and that is Alabama summers.

It’s not that we don’t want them to kill hogs we just don’t want to share our hard work and let them hunt our spots. We work in the cold, the rain, the flood waters up to our knees in the cold, we battle the snakes that come across our path no one else does that for us. Below you will find some pictures of us working on filling the feeders.

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