Hog Heaven

Well my peeps, yesterday ended my 12 hour shifts for the week. After work I headed down to the hunting club. We have to get the feeders refilled with corn for the hogs! It was after 6 when I got here and Nicole was not too far behind, we decided to go out hog hunting for a while. I got up in my stand not long had couple raccoons come out eating the corn. Nicole had text me saying all her corn was gone so she set the timer to go off again hoping more hogs would come in. I guess I was in my stand about 30 mins when I heard her shoot. She got a sow told me to stay in my stand, so we stayed out longer. Well, about an hour and half to two hours later I heard her shoot again. I was thinking dang two in one night. I texted her asking if she was going to shoot them all in one night lol. Which is impossible because there are so many of them and they multiply like crazy. In the end she killed two sows and that means we had two hogs to clean and cut up. We finished up around 12:30am after cleaning up showering it was 2 before getting into bed. I came back to my camper and crashed, it felt so good to lay down after being up since 4:30 and working all day. I am going to attempt to add some pictures for y’all to enjoy!

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