More about me

I first got started hunting and fishing when I was married to my first husband, we had 4 kids together so it was more of a challenge with them then it was enjoying it. Back then I really wasn’t that involved in hunting as much as fishing, I always had at least 2 or more kids with me so I never really seen much at all. We divorced in 2005 that is another long story for another day if anyone is interested. I went years without fishing or hunting after that never knew how to really go about doing it correctly on my own. In 2011 I started working in the Operating Room after a couple years, Nicole invited me down to take a youth out hunting for the youth hunt. I went down that morning we went out hog hunting back when both of us were inexperienced. We sat on the ground and she told me if a hog came out and charged us to start shooting. LOL I did not know what I was in for, well we didn’t see anything that morning so we did some scouting around the area. Later that early afternoon I took one of the girls in the community out hunting she talked my ears off I knew we weren’t going to see much, but it was the experience that mattered. Nicole and I worked in the same room together every Tuesday, she would talk about hunting hogs and I always loved listening to her stories. About 4 years ago I went down and hog hunted with her I had to borrow a gun because I had nothing that had to do with hunting. I was so excited about going and fell in love with being in the woods, it is so peaceful out there listening to the sounds of nature. I talk to the Lord a lot while sitting out there, thank him for the beauty of nature and the friendship I have with Nicole. He knew I needed someone like her to be my friend. Almost 3 years ago I finally broke down and bought my own gun and some camo clothes. The first time I took my gun out hunting I shot my first hog, I was so excited and shaking I had never killed anything before. Did I get hooked? Oh yes! I went maybe about once a month for a couple years or whenever Nicole invited me down to the hunting club. More to come later stay tuned.

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